Welcome to my journey through what I perceive as success…


It’s been most certainly established that I have a problem with having perseverance in what I do. Not to blame it on whatever happened till now. I take it’s full blow. The path to reaching my goal has never been that easy, right from the beginning. I’m the hare in the story trying to be the turtle that just kept going disregarding the burden of a thousand distractions in his path.

More and more hurdles pop up in my path to success and although the actual hurdle may be a common one and not interesting at all, my sense of understanding to it and perspective is different. And while one can easily ignore what’s in front of him, I tend to pick up. In a mix of psychological conclusions and reality of the situation with the perceived outcome that’s the dream, I tend to create an article that’s worth a read. If  I have made you read along this with your patience still intact, I believe you’ll retain them to read all my other articles as well.