Reach. (the concept)

A brand that gained popularity due to celebrity endorsements and it’s cause at the center is the much famed ‘Being Human’, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that many NGOs in the recent past have followed suit and have had, to a certain extent, a considerable raise in capital generated towards charity.

LogoOne such NGO is ReachOut, having actively worked on kids welfare and adopting an orphanage, all while it’s administration and volunteers are pursuing graduation; ReachOut needs to expand it’s base and to literally reach out and increase it’s penetration into the society.

And to it’s efforts were my contribution towards design of any posters and any such public relations material that needed to project an image to the general public. In connection to which I had the idea of a brand called ‘Reach.’ where premium design, desirability and a sense of satisfactory contribution to the society combined to form a unified corporate reach that had a unique approach towards the newer generation brand conscious youth.

Here are two of the concept designs for a generic t-shirt:

T-shirt 1  T-shirt 3


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