When there’s simplicity in complexity…


I don’t travel much, even though I’d love to. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to go around and visit places, hence it’s became a point for me to capture photographs wherever I go, if at all I do get to go anywhere. I did however have the chance to visit Mangalore and the nearby places around it. The whole point of this article isn’t about the trip, but the contradiction I was put into. Mangalore is a place of beaches and of scenic forest beauty, a wonderland for a proper travel photographer. I am completely into abstract photography and sometimes into stuff that seem interesting. But then there was a question of “improving” my skill. Art is subjective, but in me I needed to feel a sense of growth in the one hobby that I had kept alive for as long as I remember. It was time to move on to complex shots, scenes that portrayed more action than any thousand worded article could. And I set out with a step and an idiotic smile plastered on my face to get as many complex photographs as I could.  Seems right till now, no confusions till now.


I did take a lot of photographs during the five day stay, although we went for more shopping than actual travelling and lots of temples as though we were on a pilgrimage, I did manage to slip a few shots of wildlife in a naturally constructed zoo that we visited. Everything fine till  now.


I come back and then take a look at some photographs and while still having the travel sickness push the photographs that felt great through filters in Lightroom. I have to tell you, getting the VSCO filters was the biggest mistake of my life! I literally lost the interest to take the the time and edit individual photographs. I found myself tarnishing my efforts into something that turned out shitty to what could have been a masterpiece. My photography was nearing a dead end. What I set out to be, complex, had now turned into ashes.


I would have never turned if it wasn’t for a photography contest at SJCE college. Like some competitions, it did not allow us to edit our photographs. I suppose it was a blessing in disguise as I realized that complexity  is half shooting and half editing, and even in editing the simplest photographs mean the greatest. It’s not that I sometimes try to make things unreal with different editing techniques, in fact the image below was my recreation of the concept of an forgotten empire, but to some it just seemed like a rat trapped in a cage!


Art is subjective and as long the photographs can speak a million words through their simplicity, they remain to be in a position well above photographs like these. Maybe it’s just crappy editing. I wouldn’t blame the person who thought it was a rat, she was just being frank.

A good photograph is one that’s manipulated when shot and perfected when minimally edited. That’s complexity in simplicity..


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