Where it all began!

For more than five years now, I have fiddled with many a camera, from analogue to digital and finally ended with a DSLR now. Experimenting every photograph in ways that I could and in techniques that I had learnt, from reading, from learning, from other photographers and their work, by attending workshops even when I lacked proper instruments and basic requirements for the workshops. It was always more of a pleasure than pain. Not to forget the agony though, when a slight element just ruins the time and hard work on a Photograph.

Where it all began, seriously!!!
Where it all began, seriously!!!

The fact that I am here to talk about photography is amusing, I neither have won an award, nor been showcased anywhere, but I still find myself suitable to relate my experience to this field. As once a rookie I always believed that a better camera matters  99% of the time, I thought too soon. The same camera as others and you could easily reproduce as horrible photographs as possible and the best too, but the essence to a good photograph is the man behind the camera.

A lot of factors come into play once you take up photography, it’s a costly affair nonetheless, but time consuming. Like I said I took five years to come to a stage where I could say that I had learnt to use 1/3 the potential of the camera in my hand, in turn,  I mean I have just scratched the surface. And it’s an iceberg, this!

But the point that I would like to touch today is the fact that I have learnt to stick on to something for as much as five years or more, the patience that I lacked as i grew up has suddenly been instilled upon me through photography. To my life photography provides that all essential “stupid smile” of satisfaction. A good image at the end of the long process of clicking to post process, just brings a warm feeling inside me. I have come to fall in love with photography.

It’s just this simple, as shy as I was, with my often commented on huge cheeks, when i was a kid, I have grown up to be an outward going and always the one to start a conversation, type of guy and that was possible only through Photography.

So go ahead, pick up your camera and find something interesting to shoot, no matter what you shoot, with what you shoot (guns are an exception), just make sure you feel happy about it, because neither of us know where we’d be in a couple of years. Who knows, you might be the next you know who!!

P.S. Would love to see your photographs Ruthwik S Rai


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