The feminine touch!

A radio show was discussing male dominance in the society the other day and it made me worry! I don’t want to start a riot or increase the violence that exists today, but I just want to put forth my opinion on the recent, gruesome, disrespect to women ( I hate the word rape ); that have had men pondering for their dignity.

In defense of men who have allowed themselves to be shamed by the inferior few who had no control of their feelings;

Men, true men have a gentleman’s behavior, and they are rare to find in this century, but I must not say they are non-existent, they are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, well mannered, well dressed, suitably characterized as gentleman by their gentleness!

And then there are a few of us, and by us I include myself. Sure, we were brought up as sturdy men compared to our counterparts, we were taught to respect women for their character, not categorize them for their choices on life. And to respect them as fellow human beings. This sense of equality therefore has an impact all through our lives, relationships find the most  impact.

But I must confess, neither of my previous relationships thrived on these qualities, I shouted at most times and forgot what was most important in their terms, dates of anniversaries and birthdays. Man did I suck in these. But never had I lost the respect and never will I. I don’t  need to show them that, it’s their duty, or so I believe, to realize that.

But that’s past and like most ex’s won’t believe, I have changed. Let’s just put that aside though.

Now, chores have become common among men here where I live. We believed that it was the duty of the fairer sex to carry out these. But when we or rather shall I say, I started to understand them more, I realized how much of a wall we had created around them, and the burden that lay on them. Not to mention the expectations that were set forth by others.

It’s just that simple, we help around the house, as much as women do work, men do the same. We earn pretty much the same and have professional jobs that are similar, and beyond that I don’t expect any kind of discrimination against women, maybe I am blind.

Would love to tell you though that I know someone who rides a bike and she keeps telling me how people think it to be a surprise! All it did to me when she said it was it gave me profound happiness. Why should it surprise you?

Don’t expect men to be rough as well,  we feel the same love to dogs and cats as much as women do, we just don’t show it in a way that they do. And let’s face it more men are willing  to go to a spa nowadays, so men have become sensitive, just not “gay”ish!

If that’s not change, then I don’t know what it!


Pushing the Pumpkin!

No, I am not going to teach you how to push a pumpkin, but I am going to ask you to keep at it. Read on……

I decided to put down this article even though it’s common and a Google search will put down a million results and better posts maybe, but I still want to take a shot at it, because I don’t give up that easy and I have had a few questions along the way, I can’t play the guitar properly yet, but I keep practising. So goes with Photography and Short films, and writing. I may not be good at it, but I know that if I keep trying I can reach a state where it’s tolerable. Seriously….

So goes for everything in life that you take up, you decide that tomorrow 5.30 is going to seem early, and yet the alarm is on, it rings and rings only to shut off by our blurred rage of disturbing peace. That’s the time when our beloved is sitting beside us and just about to move in for a kiss, damn you alarm! I missed it again! And then a gnarly eyed man stands up at 10 AM (that’s my time) and wishes he’d have woken early. But that didn’t happen!

This repeated fight with the alarm is just the same as with any other problem in our lives, we shut it off and hit the pub for a pint! When the situation screams at you only then do we realise that we fed it too much time. Things happen, but for a reason. These though are an  exception, we decide upon them, we act accordingly. But that prejudice on the alarm is just useless.

And so another morning went by, and I kept on my business as usual.

But then it struck me how much I had changed and what had kept me going on…..

When I was in high school I was an overweight boy, all the love that my parents had on a single son was shown through the fat that accumulated in my belly, in fact I was so big that where my classmates used to scramble round the table tennis table, I used to widen my feet and stand there, solid in one spot and just move my hands and was able to fetch any shot around the table. I used to be made the goalkeeper in football because I couldn’t run two feet without having to take a break. And man did the teachers love my cheeks! That hurt though! And I was put at the centre of any joke that was made within a mile radius of where I was.

That passed though, with a year of swimming and all kinds of sports that made a me sweat, I lost nearly 25 kilos. And nowhere did I stop, not once did I look back until I reached my goal, I was tormented by nightmares of myself pictured as a couch potato. How awful those were. The victory though was astounding. And I still look in the mirror sideways, patting myself on the accomplishment. I could go on and on. but the essence of this post will shout, JUST DO IT.

So what if you aren’t like the hottie in college, build a character that everyone turns to.

So what if you don’t have a single rupee in your pocket, change yourself in such a way that it doesn’t seem like a handicap.

In fact the more handicapped you are the more stronger your character and personality should be. Grow up into something that people aspire to be. Not just because your parents asked you, but because the feeling it gives just doesn’t compare to anything.

I have a friend who is as lean as a stick, but his character is so charming that you wouldn’t let him pass. He has a huge list of friends and although not all are close, a small hint of trouble and they stand united in his help. And this get’s me so excited. It just proves that you don’t need a lot of friends, just a handful of loyal ones and that’s the entire world! But for that you first need to start pushing, your limitations are who you are, and get past them and you realise a whole new world.

Pitch yourself against the bull, pull yourself to the finish line. And keep pushing that Pumpkin until it’s fallen to pieces!

Good luck!